Whether you are experiencing a specific health challenge or are feeling bright and well, a Reiki treatment can be delightful way to deepen your self-care practices.

Before coming for a Reiki or Energy Healing treatment ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes, as a reiki treatment is non-invasive and performed through clothing.

At the beginning of a reiki session your practitioner will ask if there is any specific conditions or circumstances that you would like attention to be given to during your treatment, as this will help your practitioner to align with your intentions and wishes. It is also helpful to know whether there are any current or historic health conditions to be aware of.
However if you wish to keep your reasons for receiving treatment private then please know this is also acceptable as reiki will always be channelled for the highest good of the individual. This facet helps reiki to be one of the gentlest forms of therapy that can be applied even in sensitive and delicate situations.

After a brief talk connecting with the practitioner, the participant will be invited to either sit comfortably or lay on the treatment coach and close their eyes.


The practitioner will begin by taking a moment in meditation within themselves, to connect with the reiki energy and if appropriate may share a prayer or intention for the healing session. They will begin by sweeping the participants energy field from head to foot, to clear any residual stagnant energy and scan for areas of the energy field that may require specific attention. To help lift the energy of the space essential oils or dried herbs maybe lit for smudging. Gentle meditative music may also be played to hold space for the treatment.

As the treatment begins the practitioner will lay their hands gently on or just above the body where they can allow the Reiki energy to connect with the energy field of the participant. Starting at the head, the practitioner will follow the pattern of laying on of hands over the seven major energy centres of the body that correspond to the sites of the seven major endocrine (hormone producing) glands, as well as some of the secondary energy centres, for example on the shoulders, palms of the hands, sides of the hips, the knees and soles of the feet.

During the course of the treatment the participant may fall into a deep state of relaxation. Falling asleep is also a common experience. On occasions where delicate emotional issues are being explored, if the participant feels the urge to cry this is a safe space to release in this way and the practitioner will gently hold space to allow what needs to be expressed to be experienced with compassion.  

After having a reiki treatment it is advisable to take some time to yourself, maybe half an hour to relax and integrate. Drink plenty of pure water or herbal tea to hydrate and avoid strenuous activities, including driving.