Unlike acupuncture and reiki, where a patient has a treatment performed for them directly, with very little participation required - nutritional therapy is very engaging and provides a rich opportunity for the participant to become fully immersed in their own healing journey. 

The stresses of everyday life can sometimes build up and encourage us to make less than optimum nutritional choices. During our nutritional consultations the focus is to help identify where challenges are coming from and offer simple to implement strategies that can help to re-align daily eating practices to be fully supportive for your health journey as it unfolds.

What happens during a consultation?
You can choose to speak with us in person, booking a consultation where you will be sitting in the same room with your practitioner or the consultation can be held via Skype. If via Skype we recommend you are at home or somewhere that can be private, as some personal information may need to be shared. 



Your practitioner will need to know:

The sharing of this information can take about an hour and a half, to two hours to complete. If you would prefer to share this information in the form of a written questionnaire, please let us know and this can be arranged.

However, most people prefer to share this information verbally, as the vocalisation process can be therapeautic in itself, lends a quality of "re-framing" ones story and creates a deeper understanding of potential causative factors. Subsequently developing feelings of personal empowerment.

What happens next?

At the end of the consultation, there may be some very clear suggestions your practitioner can make to create immediate changes. This being the case the suggestions will be shared at the end on the consultation.

In some more complex cases, your practitioner may need time to study the case history before suggesting a suitable program.

In all cases, the practitioner will send an email detailing dietary and supplement recommendations two days after the initial consultation. This gives time for the participant to supply any additional information that may not have been shared during the consultation and for the practitioner to compose the fully bespoke program.

How long between consultations?

Your practitioner will want to reconnect with you between four to six weeks after the initial consultation, to hear how your experience has been, note how symptoms have changed and suggest amendments if necessary. 

How many consultations will be needed?

Once your practitioner has completed the case history review, it will be easy to explore how many consultation sessions (or a necessary time frame) would be helpful to create the required change for each individual, based on the previously stated health goals.