Nutrition - the Key to Health

The biggest game-changer in health is diet.

There is nothing more powerful for creating health or fighting disease. 


Listening to what our bodies try to tell us

Sometimes we become ill. Most of us receive signals from our bodies that say ‘all is not well’.
Fatigue, pain and skin issues are some of the signals our body sends out to alert us to what is going on.
Over the years our bodies cope with stresses from many angles: emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual.
Flying around the world, eating and drinking the things that challenge us, suffering accidents, illnesses, taking medication, having surgery, sleeping too little and working too much.
On top of that we have the dispositions that we have inherited from our parents and our parents’ parents and these will have an influence on our own health.


When you make changes to your diet your body responds.


When you start drinking the right amount of water and eating the foods that heal, whilst cutting out the foods and drinks that harm, your body’s energy is released and is now able to be used in more constructive and health-giving ways.

In short, your body will start to push stored-up toxicity out of the tissues, and start to build healthy cells. This in turn will regenerate your bones, muscles and organs, creating optimum health.

People come for nutritional advise  because they want to feel better:




Naturopathic Nutrition can help with:

Difficulty losing weight
Feeling lethargic and exhausted
Bloating and indigestion
I.B.S. symptoms
Recurring colds and infections
Candida problems
Mood swings
Itchy skin
Sleep disturbance