Ayre has been working in Complementary & Alternative Medicine for over 13 years,  the breadth of her experience encompassed running a busy therapy center in Oxford, practicing her therapeautic arts with a broad, varied client base and as company director of an organic food supplement manufacturer.
Ayre graduated from The College of Natural Nutrition in Devon with a Diploma in Cellular Awakening and Naturopathy, which neatly complements the five years she studied at Oxford Brookes University, attaining a Diploma of Higher Education in Cell & Molecular Biology with Ecology.

"The Natural Nutrition approach to understanding health is quite different from many nutritional approaches practiced today, which focus on understanding complaints from a Western medical understanding. The Natural Nutrition approach keeps one eye informed by Western medicine but is also enriched by observing cases through the lens of Eastern philosophy, particularly the Chinese Five Element theory and also Homeopathic philosophies, such as Hering's Law and the Miasm theory". 

It was during her second year of studying Cell Biology that Ayre was introduced to Reiki, an experience that shifted her perception of the nature of our World, from exclusively scientific to blossom into the spiritual - a fusion that permeates throughout her vocation.
Following this awakening, in 2005 she began her training in Traditional Usui Reiki Healing. This led on to attaining Traditional Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master level in 2010.

Ayre has also trained in Barbara Brennan Healing Method, Sound Healing and Angelic Reiki.  

During early childhood Ayre was fascinated with natural clay. Clay would feature highly in play when she was young and she would often prepare remedies of clay for passers by her garden. In later years she rediscovered the wondrous properties of Living Clays during her Naturopathic training and has been an advocate of their applications ever since. 

In 2013, Ayre pioneered the re-introduction of therapeutic clays for internal use in the UK, under the approval of The Foods Standards Agency. This paved the way for the multitude of internal use clays now available for sale in the UK.

Ayre is also currently studying a four year Homeopathy Licentiate Diploma with the highly acclaimed School of Homeopathy in Stroud.

Ayre is a fully insured practitioner with Balens Insurers and a full member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, The UK Reiki Federation and a Student member of The Royal Society of Homeopaths.

Above all, Ayre is devoted to ensuring her therapeutic work with clients provides a nurturing space for each individual to explore their unique path to health and well being. She is honoured to be able to share her knowledge and arts in both direct practice and at the Rose Cottage Holistic Therapies nutritional classes and Reiki share gatherings. 

Ayre is passionate about helping her clients release lifestyle habits that no longer serve their highest aspects, especially replacing food dependencies of the following with organic, wholefood alternatives:

She also has a special interest in exploring cases of: