All In A Name

by Ayre Adams November 13, 2018

All In A Name

When Ed and I were exploring how to name the space and services being offered here at Rose Cottage, there were several aspects we felt were important to embody.

Firstly, we wanted to honour the heritage of the 17th century building in our care and secondly to broadly reflect the practices we are offering in service. 

The property was first built as three individual attached buildings with the original Rose Cottage being closest to the heart of the village.
Next to this, the Church Reading Room, a glorious 30 x 14 foot space with oak beamed ceilings, inglenook fireplace and six windows to flood the room with light.
Lastly, Reading Room Cottage, a humble one up - one down dwelling, to house the caretaker of the Reading Room. 

In the middle of the last century the three properties were collated into a single dwelling and collectively named Rose Cottage. A name that is now protected under the English Heritage Listed Buildings register.

Throughout English tradition and folklore, roses holds a vast array of meanings. 

The green rose has many meanings. The most significant and popular being fertility, as green symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty.

Green is life, abundant growth and constant rejuvenation of the spirit. It signifies cheerfulness and new beginnings. The green rose is thereby a harbinger of good tidings.

The green rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. The freshness of the spring, the abundance of rain are all conveyed in green rose.
It imparts balance, stability and peace to the mind.

To honour this rich heritage, the title Rose Cottage was chosen to feature in our name along with Holistic Therapies to encompass each of the complementary therapies Ed and I practice. 

Another dimension to our name came to light and felt resonant with our intention for the space. 

It is well known within the hospital community that the name Rose Cottage is used in place of the word mortuary.

On making this connection we instantly felt the perfection of the correlation, as shamanic practices have been intrinsic to both our healing journeys, on personal and professional levels. 

With the intention of creating a healing environment at Rose Cottage, how perfectly this fits with the shamanic perspective.
In shamanic practices, a death of the old self is desired. Shedding layers of ones being that no longer serve us and allowing us to rebirth; blossoming into our new radiant selves.

Ayre Adams
Ayre Adams